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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

more rival factions please

In WoW, there are a great number of factions you can build up reputation with. However, with the vast majority of these factions your reputation can only go in one direction: up.

There are three pairs of factions however which act as rivals to each other - as your reputation increases with one, it decreases with the other. These rivals are Aldor vs Scryer, Booty Bay vs Bloodsail Buccaneers, and Gelkis Centaurs vs Magram Centaurs.

Most players will by default build reputation with Booty Bay in preference to the Bloodsail. You'd have to go out of your way to do otherwise, given that Booty Bay is a major civilisation hub, full of vendors, quests, and travel opportunities. If you do choose to grind your Bloodsail rep you can eventually get a fancy pirate hat as a reward, so it's not entirely meaningless.

With Aldor/Scryer, different rewards await you at the higher reputation levels so choose wisely. Other than that there isn't much difference of note.

With Gelkis vs Magram, the rivalry is even more meaningless for players. You do have to build reputation to unlock some quests (not very many), but there are otherwise no other rewards for doing so.

All the other factions are not rivalrous, but generally have some rewards available for improved reputation.


What I'd like to see however is more meaningful consequences of building reputation with a given faction, and more faction rivalry. Instead of just some isolated pockets of territory being safe havens or enemy territory, have sufficient numbers of rival factions such that travelling cross country needs careful route planning. Have many different quests (and not simple mirror versions of the same quests) become unlocked according to faction reputation. Have certain resources more common in one faction territory, and other resources elsewhere - aligning yourself with the Goblin Mining Corporation might pit you against the Druidic Circle, but you will at least be able to travel safely in sub-zones rich in mining nodes (and not so safely in those sub-zones controlled by the Druidic Circle).

Not only will choices then be imbued with meaningful consequences, but you could then make different choices on your next character and thus experience a whole new range of adventures.


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