Moo Tang Clan: class specific daily quests?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

class specific daily quests?

I'd like to see a daily quest geared to particular class roles, and healing and tanking are the two that most need such a thing - they have such a hard time soloing so a quest peculiarly suited to their strengths might be helpful.

Both might take the form of the player helping a group of NPCs, escorting a patrol of some sort, except set up such that they don't have to actually kill the enemy .. just keep the patrol alive long enough for them to reach their destination. Obviously, unlike most escort quests, the NPCs should keep moving, and shouldn't be stopping to fight everything in range. Give the enemy mobs a huge amount of health such that actually killing is nigh impossible, so the emphasis is on keeping them off the NPCs, or keeping the NPCs alive.

Other class specific quests would be interesting too .. a kiting quest for hunters perhaps? The quest could be handed out by an NPC on the outskirts of Shattrath, and you have to bring him some mob from further away, like one of the mobs around Auchindoun .. obviously requiring kiting. Just watch out for other players killing your kited mob.

Now, because these class specific quests are not a simple hand out of cash but instead rely on skills and ability, perhaps they shouldn't be entirely straightforward and easy, perhaps they could also be a learning/training opportunity? What do you think?

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