Moo Tang Clan: Non-hunters and the new rares

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Non-hunters and the new rares

OK, so Blizzard announced a slew of new rare beasts, specifically for hunters to tame, each with their own tricky mechanic to overcome. Gripes about the non-rareness of the skins aside this is a move to applaud.

The forums however have multiple mentions of non-hunters killing the rares.

Naturally, some (or much) of that can be put down to players being bored and deliberately setting out to grief other players (ie. hunters seeking a taming challenge). However, I'm sensing an additional reason: regular PVE players are bored with the simplified solo-friendly content and are seeking a challenge. I know I miss the days when zones would have vicious elites that you'd carefully skirt around and cautiously plan your attack. Now ... elites are wimps.

Except the new rare taming spawns.

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