Moo Tang Clan: July 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Designing for exploration - how not to do it

It's the Midsummer Festival, and the moo is back in The Slave Pens.

On a whim, once Ahune has been readily dispatched, I decide to explore the place a little bit more. Turns out that there's a hidden underwater tunnel!

Unfortunately, to get to it you have to get past two trash packs of hard mobs. And not regular sized trash packs either, these are trash packs of six mobs each.

Compare this to the more obvious and direct route where while there are three packs of trash, they are only four mobs in each, and furthermore they are placed in such a manner that it is actually possible to skirt around them completely.

Way to go Blizzard, make the obvious and direct route the simplest, and punish the explorer for going off the beaten path.