Moo Tang Clan: Will they storm the caves?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will they storm the caves?

Sure, the soldiers of your faction and the Earthen Ring might still be in trouble, but again, the zone depends too heavily on telling us that our allies are in danger without ever showing us how they are in danger. Do these naga that we need to be afraid of ever storm the caves we get our quests from? Do they send out scouting parties to see if we have become a threat yet?
-- Ardol, WoW Philosophized - “Oh dear, Vashj'ir”
Yup, I had the same sense of non-danger.

What I'd like to see is some kind of counter, showing the number of naga outside, gradually ticking over and growing. Once it hits 100 then a swarm of naga come busting in .. if you don't beat them off then quest givers and vendors die. Don't worry, they'll come back in five or so minutes. Five minutes, that'll feel like an eternity if you're trying to level.

That "number of naga" mechanic would of course also be affected by players killing naga, reducing the number. This could give rise to interesting dynamics - say you're returning to hand in some quests, and see the naga count inching close to 100 .. do you detour to kill a few first, or rush in hoping to get your hand-ins done before they attack?

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