Moo Tang Clan: Kill 10 rats ... or kill 4 specific rats

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kill 10 rats ... or kill 4 specific rats

Which type of quest would you prefer to do:

  • kill 10 rats, in a nearby farmyard with lots of rats
  • kill a red rat from the barn, kill a black rat in the forest, kill a white rat in the house, kill a brown rat in the yard
Certainly, the first quest could be more efficiently completed, but the latter has more potential for a varied experience.

Fine print: they both would take about 5 minutes to complete, both reward 55 silver and 1,250 xp (from mob kills and quest completion).


Glyph, the Architect said...

I would rather have a quest that says "Kill all the rats in the farm yard". It never really made sense for quest givers to tell you to kill ten, while there are 22 of them wandering around. If I was a farmer, I would want all rodents removed from my property, not just some.

Garumoo said...

That would make an interesting game mechanic - you need to hunt down all the rats, but you only know how many you've killed and there's no "3 rats remaining" status message. If you take too long, new rats spawn.

To be a total pain, the game could even not announce quest completion, requiring you to run back to the farmer and ask if the job is complete.