Moo Tang Clan: Steam-punk factory

Friday, October 15, 2010

Steam-punk factory

If you were to build your own steam-punk factory, what would you have in it?

I'd have furnaces and steam engines, massive flywheels, steam pipes, steam pressure regulators, conveyor belts, trolly carts on rails, big water tanks, grabby things on crane arms grabbing crates and barrels of incoming supplies, big axes on levers chopping up the crates & barrels and feeding them into those furnaces driving the steam engines filling those pipes.

Lots of odds and ends all joined together into a one convoluted mechanism, taking in raw materials on one side and spitting out manufactured product on the other.

What are the components you'd have?


Glyph, the Architect said...

Steampunk robots. Some of them doing things that are too dangerous for people, but mostly just carrying boxes of parts around.

Garumoo said...

Ah yes, little bots scurrying back and forth.

They could even form part of the basic communications infrastructure, running about reading all the gauges and dials and making decisions as to whether to feed more wood into the furnace or not.