Moo Tang Clan: Quick, while he's distracted!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quick, while he's distracted!

Fun boss fight mechanic I've not seen yet .. every time a player dies, have the boss start some elaborate process (eg. a ritual of raising a ghoul, dragging the body to some ejection chute or hungry pet, or simply teabagging the corpse,) ... during which time he's not doing damage or is even more vulnerable.

Ah, those noobs in your pug raid are useful after all.

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Garumoo said...

Another boss mechanic I wish for is the opportunity to interrupt their tedious long spiel and cut to the chase. So what if the Evil Overlord doesn't get to make their long speech? Well, ok maybe he'll be infuriated and fight with some hard mode bonus effect.

I could live with that.