Moo Tang Clan: cross faction language barriers

Saturday, November 22, 2008

cross faction language barriers

A passing thought: what if it were possible to understand what the enemy was saying, but you couldn't respond in their same language, and understanding the other factions language was an option (available via training or a quest, and a toggle-off setting even then).

Thus, cross-faction communication might be possible, while at the same time ameliorating the worst excesses of spiteful sledging.


Crimson Starfire said...

I explored the issue of flaming in MMOs some time ago. I'm not really sure it's such a good idea to give opposing factions the ability to communicate. One percent will use it responsibly and the other 99 percent will abuse it. It's a can of worms that the game companies like to avoid.

Garumoo said...

Where the default is that players can understand everything the opposing faction say, then yes that leads to the usual flaming.

Consider though if the default is that you don't understand the opposing faction, and even they do you could always toggle back to jibberjabber mode (similar to leaving various chat channels).

Arrow said...

I had a similar idea where you would have to take a very lengthy rep grind to slowly build rep with a rival faction. Once you hit neutral or friendly you could understand the language and at friendly or honored you could speak it. Essentially you are changing factions. Because of the long time required and the fact you are helping the faction as you build rep only those would who genuinely want to be part of the rival's faction would be able to speak it. The chance of abuse would be less frequent than a player creating a new character on the rival's side and talking smack.