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Thursday, May 8, 2008

exploring maps

Some quick thoughts on an exploration/expansion themed world game:

  • No "you are here" cursor .. if you lose your way, you can't just take a quick look to see where the cursor representing you is located on the map. You need to look around for a landmark.
  • The player map doesn't auto-fill .. the player has to stop and perform a "scribe map" function for a short while.
  • If you "scribe map" from a location not adjacent to an existing map space, then the map scribed is a free floating fragment which you have to shift into position (like a jigsaw puzzle).
  • Distant landmarks, if visible, would be added to the map when scribing. The area around those distant points wouldn't be.
  • The quantity of space which gets added to the map is small, quite small. It should be a major effort to exhaustively map out an entire zone, not a quick jaunt around the zone.
  • The map, as scribed by each player, will have errors, omissions, and distortions which makes each player's maps different.
  • Players can control just how much area they want to scribe on each attempt. The greater the area, the greater the inaccuracies.
  • Players will have opportunities to improve their map making skills.
  • Players can acquire items which improve their map making skills. Some might be rare or difficult to find.
  • Landmarks and such can be added to maps by the player, but won't be automatically added.
  • Names of zones/areas won't magically appear.
  • Maps describe the territory as at the time of scribing, thus if the territory changes later then maps become outdated (eg. a new village is founded, a road established, a mine opened, a forest felled, etc).
  • Maps or fragments of maps can be shared, sold, traded.
  • It should be possible to craft false maps (for whatever devious reason you can imagine).

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Unknown said...

ooh really interesting ideas here! I remember when I played the original Zelda (the gold one for NES) and the map that came with it was only half filled out. I had to draw the other sections in myself. that was really fun. I remember comparing maps with friends and circling the trees you could burn for money and the spots to bomb.

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